*Google earth view Central Station Eindhoven

The megastructure separates man and nature. Nature is flourishing again, man is protected against wildlife and diseases.

*Postcard from the future

Eindhoven central station

Instead of the planned Manhattan-like skyline for Eindhoven an interlinked multilayered megastructure to create air and space by open 3d connected area's and infra's.

The structure is flexible and without architecture represented like a monument.

A smart grid invites the 3d digital world to merge and to become part of the physical.

*This project is a provocation on forthcoming urban developments and regulations during the COVID period

status | 2020 and in progress

project type | Research & visualization, personal topic

*Inside Central Station Eindhoven

Because of the public health more open areas and clean surfaces are needed. The smart grid works as an interface and helps us with the 1.5 meter distancing.

*Google earth birdseye Central Station Eindhoven

*Streetview Central Station Eindhoven


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